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IB3: Stodd Shield Battles + Q & A!

Your recent questions answered as you check out my epic battles with the Stodd Shield!

IB3: Let’s Play with Radian Helm & 3 Max Darkfires! Plus Q & A!

Let’s play with 3 max Darkfires and the Radian Helm while I answer recent questions

IB3: Let’s Play with Sweet Loop Ring! Plus Q & A!

Check out my let’s play with the sweet loop ring plus your questions answered + free great parry all gem!

IB3: Let’s play with Anarchax + Q & A!

Your questions answered while I play with the rare Anarchax!

IB3: Let’s Play with Colossal Helm Plus Q & A!

Enjoy my let’s play with the Colossal Helm with heavy boss battle and Q & A!

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